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You might have been given a disc in some town centre, or heard us play or picked up a link via Youtube or social media...


Right now, if the links are working, you should be hearing an album of prophetic songs from your maker to you. Taken specifically from the Bible, it's God's heart for you.


You live in time, on a planet created for you. You are his guest. Sure some of the other guests have made a bit of a mess around you and there's much confusion. But He reaches out to you to offer comfort and guidance and hopes that you will come to know Him as He really is. This is the chance of your lifetime.... what life is for. It's your window of opportunity to get to know Him. If you pass up the chance and continue to do so... then you'll have missed out... and you'll get what you've held out all your life for...


As C.S. Lewis wrote in Aslan's words

"All get what they want; they do not always like it".


To help give insight on things, we're developing our Explanations page. This stuff's pretty vital for everyone. You need to know who you are and where you stand in eternity... There's a bit of stuff to get through but news is good only if you take the right steps to get yourself 'onside'...


You'll find the words to the songs via the Music pulldown menu, stories of miracles recorded by us and recounted by friends under the Verbals pulldown.


We're still in the process of developing the site, since we've just taken on the web side of things in the last couple of weeks. Still just finding our feet really...  So apologies if all the links aren't quite working, or if you were hoping for more.



There'll be links to JGLM Southampton where you can get in touch with Rob, Roger, Jeremy & the team via




If you're in Bedford, there's World Missions Bible School that meets at Tavistock Community Centre, Princess St, Bedford MK40 2SX. You can find them at




Bunyan Road Christian Fellowship is in Kempston where Richard, Ronnie, Sue and the team would look after you well... Their website is




Tim & Anne look after Kings Mission in Dunstable at 4, Lovers Walk LU5 4BG



After that, you could do a lot worse than going on an Alpha Course. It's a really great way to connect and the food's usually pretty good... Take a look at




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Well, we're delighted you found us....   Welcome....