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Songs that follow from the relationship with

The Father, Son & Holy Spirit and described in the Bible and the Invitation album.

01  You Have Given Me Life


02  Troubles


03  Faithful


04  The Son of God


05  Jericho

11  Kingdoms Come


12  Worthy Is The King


13  I Will Fear No Evil


14  Postcard From Heaven


15  Don't Be Overcome By Evil

There are other versions of these songs from over the years.


See the page

(Lyrics and Notes are farther down the page...)

06  Jesus Come To My Town


07  Namechanger


08  The Verdict


09  Feed My Lambs (Pipes)


10  You Are My Salvation

These particular renditions were developed on a Korg PA3X keyboard, such that we can transpose, speed up, slow down and transform the instruments at the touch of a button.

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