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FOTB 2005


Music should be playing via the Soundcloud player

(top-left). If not, click on it and Paul will sing to you...



Lots of Love

from God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

and from us....


There are 270+ tracks uploaded which are FREE to download. Click on the Soundcloud icon within the player to visit the Wilderness Voices account. To stop it, click on the Red pause button...


You'll find lyrics, background etc in the Music section on the toolbar above.


Well, we're delighted you found us....   Welcome....



Isn't it better to face the truth while you can still do something about it ?



If you or a friend

or family are struggling

with illness



if you'd like a modern-day disciple of Jesus to help with the problem then

click here or on the Healing section.


We're developing our Explanations page. This stuff's pretty vital for utterly everyone. You need to know who you are and where you stand in eternity...


There's a bit of stuff to get through but news is good only if you take the right steps to get yourself 'onside'...



Listen to or Download Stories Of Miracles recorded by us and recounted by friends


Click here or pick a page from the Miracles pulldown.


You can download most of the

audio in high-quality

via Soundcloud.



To help you find your bearings.



Q & A section


We've added some probably

word-heavy explanations of where everything's at....


But worth the time


You can click here....


In the Q & A section there are

video's and the like to help give

answers to typical questions

people have about life, death,

illness and....


how did we get here ?




How to go from death to life in Christ Jesus.


There's a section called 'Getting Saved' to guide you through how to start a relationship with Your Maker and the Author of all things...


Good Stuff


Live Performances



Good Stuff are just some other videos and such like that I really liked and thought would help people...




Performances are some videos of the band over the past few years.



Contacts and where to go from here...


Links to partnering organisations


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Be one of the first to hear/download


the Musical Bible


or is it


The Bible Musical ?

RF2010 Clive
RF2010 Ronnie

Other Multi - Version Pieces

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Just  click  on  either  of  these  panels

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