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most of which we've recorded ourselves


A second 'Desert Island Discs' collection of miracle accounts interspersed with songs.


01  Miracle Fuel (Part 1)


02  There's A Rock


03  Miracle Fuel (Part 2)


04  Lord I Lift My Heart To You


05  Phil's Vodka & Orange


06  Behold (2003)


07  Sisi Visits The Hospital


08  You Are My Friends (Harpur Suite)


09  Ross & The Mutant Chicken


10  Come Through Me (2003)


11  What Happened To Mark


12  Out Of Oblivion (2003)


We were members of Woodside Church in Bedford for about a ten year period... Towards the end of that time, I can remember one of the leadership there, Tim Green, telling me one day that all of the miracles in the Bible had been repeated in the past 30 years... This was surprising news to me...   Kind of fascinating really...


In the summer of 2005, having left Woodside, we went on a Housechurch weekend away at a retreat in Kidderminster. At the pub on the Saturday night, the group went  round the table  introducing ourselves. One guy in particular that stood out was Ross Rohde, an American living in Madrid who'd come over for the conference...


We were so taken with his story that we asked what he was doing after the weekend. To our delight, he was staying in the UK for another event the following weekend, so we invited him to come to Bedford and one evening I recorded what he'd told us in the pub.


The following December (2005), Rupert and Uli invited Ross and some others to come and stay for a weekend, and there was a moment when Rupert turned to me and said that I should visit Ross and his wife in Madrid.


Some months went by and I hadn't made the trip, so I emailed Ross and we arranged a visit. I travelled over and stayed a weekend with them at the end of March 2006.


Over that weekend, they recounted some miracles that had happened some years earlier when they lived in Guatemala... but also a whole series of miracles that God was doing with them in Madrid during the last few weeks, (since Ross's visit to England in December Rupert & Uli's in December 2005)...


So The Lord had prompted Rupert to tell me to go and visit Ross & Margie on the basis of what He was about to do among the Spanish Housechurch community... Lovely...



We'd visited America in the June of 2005 and visited Spokane and then, whilst at the retreat in Kidderminster it was suggested we went to a Housechurch Conference in Denver, Colorado at the end of August... We did, I can remember spending time with Roland Baker there...


We returned on September 7th and there was a Prayer For Bedfordshire meeting with Sharon Stone at the Bunyan Meeting Church where we were to provide a PA system for the event...


At the end of the time, Sharon Stone picked out two couples, prayed for them and gave prophetic words for them. One of the couples were Pete and Barb. Rupert and Uli got in touch with them and invited Pete to visit the following Sunday and we did Housechurch together for a few years.


Pete told us of some of his adventures and how, in some pretty sticky situations, God had provided ...


So within a few months of Tim Green's remark to me, here I was with first-hand accounts of different kinds of miracles which are here for you to enjoy and be inspired by...


Lots of Love....      In Christ Jesus

How The Miracle Stories Came About


Accounts of Miracles by people we know




A 'Desert Island Discs' collection of miracle accounts interspersed with songs.

01  The Dog That Walked On Water (Part 1)


02  Come Through Me (2003)


03  The Dog That Walked On Water (Part 2)


04  You Are My Friends (2003)


05  Margie's Finger Gets Flattened


06  Satisfied (2003)


07  Johanna's Back


08  Why (2003)


09  Margie's Fall


10  Barb's Hands

Rupert Brighton 2005

Rupert painting a picture at Brighton in July 2005

Ross photograped by Rupert at Rupert and uli's house in December 2005

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