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( The same Bandstand as the Bedford Park 2005 recording )

Graham Park 018

Alex, the boy in the Dog That Walked On Water story, plays guitar with us at Bedford Park on August Bank Holiday Monday 2009.



He also played the lead guitar on the opening piece (Be Still) of the 2007 Invitation album.


Dad, Pete recounts the tale in about 10 minutes, filmed by Alex & Tim at a pub in Luton in 2011 in the video below...

( The same bandstand as the 2005 Bedford Park recording )

( If the music is playing on the Soundcloud player, you will have to pause it before starting the video )



Later that evening, Pete also told of the trip back from Romania in the video below...

( If the music is playing on the Soundcloud player, you will have to pause it before starting the video )



I first met Pete in September 2005 and we've been friends ever since.


I did the JGLM Divine Healing Training course in 2015.


Some time later, whilst my family were away somewhere, Pete came round for an evening.


I noticed he wasn't walking too well and asked him about it.


When It came time for him to be leaving, and with his permission, I addressed the pain in his leg and told it to go in the name of Jesus. He walked round the kitchen a bit, and seemed genuinely delighted with the results. A few minutes later as he walked out onto the driveway and got into his car, he was still enthusing about how much more mobile he was...    and we were thanking and praising God.


If you've got health issues, fire off an email to


Before he was killed, Jesus allowed himself to be captured and tortured, both mentally and physically. The Father looked upon His Son suffering in your place,

so you can be healed. Like a man sees his wife in childbirth, unable to intervene. But they go through it for the sake of giving life to the child.


They went through all that to birth healing for us, so you can be set free.


In the Bible there are many accounts of Jesus healing all who came to Him. If you read the gospels, they're full of healings. They were all healed because Jesus would, himself, pay for it. After He was raised from the dead, and ascended to heaven, His disciples also healed the sick as He had commanded them to (see Matthew Chapter 28). All kinds of miracles have been done from that day to this, on the basis that Jesus has paid for it all. The Old Testament miracles and the New and all since have been performed on the basis that Jesus' sufferring would pay, not just for our sins, but all our sicknesses too, and all our needs are met In Him.


Thank you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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