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Tell Them



Tell them that I love them, Though their scars remain

Tell them I was with them, Even through the pain


Tell them that I heard them, Even as they cried

Tell them that's the reason, Why I came and died


Tell them how I've longed, To draw them close to me

Tell them I make the lame to walk, And blind to see


Tell them that deliverance, At last has come

Tell them of salvation, From the Holy One


Tell them the redeemer s mighty to save

Tell them He has victory, Over the grave


Tell them to surrender, All their life to him

Tell them that He has destroyed The power of sin


Tell them that they can Live lives of righteousness

Tell them all they need to do Is to confess


Tell them in a moment, That they can be free

Tell them that true peace is only found in me


Tell them now to hurry, For it's getting late

Tell them that judgement, Will not forever wait


Tell them that the time of judgment is at hand

Tell them that they soon, Shall in my presence stand


Tell them that before this day, All should repent

Tell them to receive the gift, My Father sent


Tell them that it's free, Because I've paid the price

Tell them that it has cost me, My very life


Tell them that they need, Never again to fear

Tell them that I will, Their every burden bear


Tell them that I will, Be both their God and friend

Tell them I am faithful, Even unto the end


Tell them of the angels, Around my Father's throne

Tell them of the mansions, And the streets of gold


Tell them of the banquet, Which has been prepared

Tell them I invite them, To partake and share


Tell them you are my messenger, Who I command and send

Tell them I'm the beginning, And I AM the end.


Zulieka V Ajimotokin

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