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Musical Bible

01  Be Still


02  Turn To Me


03  Out Of Oblivion


04  Why


05  Look At My Son


06  Do You See ?


07  You Are My Friends

2007 Version

Postcard From Heaven 2012 Version....


Paul May - Rockier

Current PA3X Version

Paul May Version

2003 Version

Start the version you'd like to hear....


Click on the Lyrics or Notes pages below to enlarge and read whilst the music plays, then go to the next piece using the buttons at the top of the page.


If you'd like to hear whole albums, then it's probably better to pick them from the Music Tab on the Header Toolbar.


Generally, Invitation (2003) was developed on a Korg D16 starting in 2002. Some of the stories surrounding each track are given in the individual song notes.


In 2004/5 the emphasis moved to putting together a band to play the stuff and gearing up to play concerts.

08  Behold


09  Open Up Your Heart


10  Come Through Me


11  Your Faithfulness


12  Invitation


13  Apart From Me


14  Feed My Lambs

01  Be Still


The pieces developed and matured and took on more character than the original "demo/prototype" versions, so to capture this we started a recording project in 2005 using a Carrilon PC using Cubase and went to playing more events.


Changes in peoples lives and so on meant that the line up

changed in 2007 and we moved from Rock to Reggae/Ska and a smaller team.


By the 2008 River Festival in Bedford, we added Sue and Jean as singers. The emphasis moved to street outreach in 2009 and we've continued like that since. We've still done the

Bedford River Festival with a full line-up three times since..

and still do odd other events as we're invited...


We now play in the town centres most weekends and give away CD's and DVD's to anyone who wants them....

2017 Version

Accoustic Version

Island View (with Sue)

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