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Musical Bible

03  Out Of Oblivion


01  Be Still


02  Turn To Me


03  Out Of Oblivion


04  Why


05  Look At My Son


06  Do You See ?


07  You Are My Friends

2007 Version

Postcard From Heaven 2012 Version....


Paul May

Current PA3X Version

Paul May Accoustic


2003 Version

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08  Behold


09  Open Up Your Heart


10  Come Through Me


11  Your Faithfulness


12  Invitation


13  Apart From Me


14  Feed My Lambs

The first collection of songs included some of the Invitation pieces and some others which Paul chose to work on. So at the end of 2012 we put out a 12 song album called Postcard From Heaven and the first version of this website followed in March 2013.

2017 Version

Version 5


Version 6


Version 7


Version 8


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